Sing haughty yachty yea






bayboats purse seine whey

journey yearlong gay

laddy inured dryup

haughty yachty yea


mildred mayhem dewlap

naughty jaunty jay

car sons caught in capers

haughty yachty yea

vicar baking in butterfat

orphanboy screwed in larder

bluejay frollic jane

and a haughty yachty yea


bombs in bay bombard

dickson singsick cockpit

frenchchicks s’envoyent en l'air

oh a haughty yachty yea


idols jailed in temples

choked in garlandy incense

priestly eyedance pose

yes a haughty yachty yea


masonsmildewy masters

with compass stone and pilasters

plan solomon’s might on earth

yea sing haughty yachty yea

royal houses love in stables

lords and ladies love in regalia

loving ones love in limbo

cry haughty yachty yea


dote on damsels in december

hey yachty haughty yea

make them deliver in september

ho yickety yackety yea eh




©T.Wignesan 1997

May 4, 1997


[from the collection : longhand notes (a binding of poems), 1999]


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