Il ne reste que des putes





and those bound in forbidding ties

may perhaps have been too

and though

what they do within or without

or when they are untied

is not your damned onions


If you're alone and forsaken

turned down by a pute for a dozen


Better still a life without ties

than one a pute will often untie



Where are those cheery cheeky girls

Whose mouths have not long soured through twirls

Whom can you trust for a mother

What birth must dirt not smother


Who d' you know has slept with a virgin

Where's a bed a pute hasn't turned into a bin


You may then pretend with a wife

through thick and thin and strife

What most in their sickly might

wouldn't refuse as a worldly right



Puisqu'il ne reste que des putes

Nous serons tous des fils des putes




T.Wignesan 1986

August 1986

[from the collection :  back to background material, 1993]


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