He who creates recreates himself

                                     for René Passeron





           You may not grow old too soon


Things you have known will come back to you again

No revision nor recall need put them back in place


      Time was when you knew the time  the place  the face

      Even the scarce women in prized moments gone in pain


Who would care   nor what would it matter

   in which life   upon what water

       you have trailed your fingers

             upon waves of papers


Let your mind brush

                             some canvas in a rush

Left your mark

                     upon some bark

Wed some wanton women

                                                   spawned wholesome omens


Made as if  the artier your words

         held some moment in a perennial frame

Never to be banged away by fading suns

                                                     collapsing quasars

                                                             asteroid storms

                                                                      puncturing galaxies

    usurping black holes



Can this act of writing seize the moment

Or is it your way of saying


               What else is there to be done?


Let the unknowable undermine the unknown


                        Here on this planet

    we have made our sinuous conventions

                  stick to paper and canvas

                                                     stone and sound


       And words that are haloed

              by the sickness of the poet

  though all is not lost for the pen

                                                whose blood will

                            possess   anchor    expose


   our futile justifications



   doctoral dissertations


     And generations will tremulously grant him

            The right to unravel the eternities

     For one who dared capture the moment

             In the capsule of a poem





©T.Wignesan 1987

April 12, 1987

[from the collection : back to background material, 1993]