You who sexless heard the pounding of the sex

     nerves    conditioned to the tune

            through all the slushy push of distending flesh

                   in the ooze slime of semen vaginal fluid


Your eyes turned inward

       heart brimming to the flush

                                   fed by your central runaway generator    


    your frail limbs were hardly sketched

          in the clasp of a Reichian curve

       through all the terrifying pounding


                                                         More terrifying still

Now YOU see the crook of  the aborting metal

                                                the surgeon's staff

      dig into your behind


    the gossamer sack of your promised dream world


  avoiding at every thrust

                                    the inevitable dismemberment

               charred chicken wings coming apart in cinders


JOLT of the bend in the crook

           your eyes to the back of you

       a ninja without arms or legs

    whirling upwards

   flying in the face of crookish metal

                   by the grit of your teeth


FIRST your spine goes

              shrivelled skin over mashed bone and marrow

                   the nerves  a calligrapher's skein

       vaguely stretched over your incumbent's drawn face


TILL your seminal fluid

            stains the blood

                splashing through every thrust

        of the abortionist's clinical will


YET you resist

        STILL clinging to your umblical chord

                     the silent screams of your unformed mouth

        reaching no where

                                    the mother sprawled on the trolley etherised

In the distance  a faraway distance 

                                                 a vague throbbing

        away from prying eyes

    a ringing call unanswered

                                           and you let go...


see your will turned to mash

Only your long sleep nurtured your dream

                                                             a singular dream

        of a snuffed world






                                                              ©  T.Wignesan 1992

                                                                 March 10, 1992

[from the collection: back to background material, 1993]




On seeing an ecography of an abortion on the FR3 French TV programme: "La Marche du siècle: Contraception et avortement", March 4, 1992 at 20.40 hours. Professor Etienne Baulieu, the inventor of the oral abortive pill, was the guest of honour.