The Asianists’ ASIA

Volume III (Paris) Summer 2004

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Edited by T.Wignesan



and published for the

Research Centre in Asian Studies

[Centre de Recherche sur les Etudes Asiatiques]

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            The AsianistsASIA (A Magazine Site for Asianophone Countries)


[An academic journal devoted to researched articles in the humanities and social sciences, and learned essays & relevant fiction or faction, including translations, which might not easily fit into, or find a place in, the existing Asian studies publications]       


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Research Centre in Comparative Poietics

& Research Centre in Asian Studies,

Paris, France


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  Published on August 5, 2004  by T.Wignesan




Centre de Recherches sur les Etudes Asiatiques

                                        Association n° 0941011951     


   B.P. 90145, 94004 Créteil Cedex, France


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Composed and printed by T.Wignesan

       in Paris, France


NB: Responsibility for opinions expressed in the individual articles and essays rests with the authors themselves. The editor-publisher disclaims all responsibility for any transgression of the laws in vigour.

The editor invites contributions to future numbers on any subject relating to Asian peoples or Asian countries. Articles should be based on original research undertaken under bona fide circumstances. Even fictional pieces, if relevant to the theme of Asia, may be considered for publication.  

All mss (a PC-compatible floppy 3 ½ inch disk on Word 6 or more and a hard copy) must be sent to the publisher's address under registered cover. If unused, mss will not be returned, unless contributors specifically require the return of their mss by sending the requisite International Reply Coupons.


      Articles sent by e-mail through attached files must clearly announce the content and purpose ostensibly. E-mails with attachments from unknown sources will not be opened.







I - “Introduction: the passing storm”




             T. Wignesan






II - “ The Man who 'Dwarfed' the Stars: Nobel-Laureate Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar"




Dr. Dipanjan MITRA, Astrophysicist, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Pune Campus, India



III - “The Glories of India: Indian Patriotism in Islamic  Discourse  




Dr. Yoginder Singh Sikand,


Dept. of Islamic Studies,

University of Hamdard,

New Delhi



IV - “Caste in Indian Muslim Society” 



         Dr. Yoginder Singh Sikand




        V – “Interview with V. T. Rajashekar, Editor

                  ofDalit Voice’”


         by Dr. Yoginder Singh Sikand





Attention: New Delhi "Strategic Foresight Group"'s SOUTH ASIA ESSAY CONTEST

ATTENTION: "South Asia Essay Contest" - First Prize: US$1000/-




 VI – “Indian Music Revisited”


               By Ludwig Pesch


                   Kalakshetra College of Fine Arts,

                    Chennai, India




 VII – “Social Devolution: A Sociological Perspective on Affirmed Status of Dalits in India »


                  by  Dr. D.K. Verma,

               Associate Professor & Head,

               Division of SC, ST & OBC Development,

                Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar National Institute

                                 of Social Sciences,

                 Dr. Ambedkar Nagar (Mhow), India




       VIII – “A French ‘Indianist’ Doctor: Professor Jean Lapresle & Memorium Poem: "A Solitary Oak on Mount Kremlin Bicêtre"


                  By T. Wignesan,

       American Graduate School of International Relations & Diplomacy, Paris

"Eloge prononcé à la Société Médicale des Hôpitaux de Paris, le 4 mai 2001" (c)Masson, Paris 2001.

By Professor Marie-Germaine BOUSSER, Head, Dept. of Neurology, Lariboisière Hospital, Paris

Chef de Service de Neurologie, Hôpital Lariboisière, Paris, France



         IX – “In Memorium: Emeritus Professor Shan S. Ratnam



               Professor R. N. V. Prasad

     &  Associate Professor P. C. Wong,

         Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology,

            National University of Singapore



        X – “Siew-Yue Killingley – Poet & Linguist”

             {includes “Last Poems” (Ten unpublished poems) }




                Dr. Dermot H. Killingley,

               Former Reader in Hindu Studies,

               University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne


          XI -  Fiction:


          “Tie-Dyed in Blood”, A Novel in Progress:

                Chapter XV



                 Professor Hall Gardner,

                 Chair, International Affairs,                

                 American University of Paris



           XII -  Seven Haiku” 



                 Dr. M. Shanmughalingam

                 Ex-General Manager of PETRONAS, Malaysia



          XIII – “The Night Soil Man”, a Novel:

                    Chapter VI – “Stop Press”



               T. Wignesan





Text Box: Edited, Composed & Published in Paris, France

           By T. Wignesan
                      for Centre de Recherches sur les Etudes Asiatiques,
                             B. P. 90145,
                             94004 Créteil Cedex,
         On August 5, 2004

         © T. Wignesan 2004

         ISSN 1298-0358
         Association n° 0941011951

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