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The Asianists’ ASIA

Volume II (Paris) February 2001

ISSN 1298-0358


Edited by T.Wignesan


and published for the

Research Centre in Asian Studies

[Centre de Recherche sur les Etudes Asiatiques]

B.P. 90145,

94004 Créteil Cedex,



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*  The Asianists’ ASIA (A Magazine Site for Asianophone

*                                                                 Countries)

[An academic journal devoted to researched articles in the humanities and social sciences, and learned essays & relevant fiction or faction, including translations, which might not easily fit into, or find a place in, the existing Asian studies publications]       


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Research Centre in Comparative Poietics

& Research Centre in Asian Studies,

Paris, France


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  Published on February 28, 2001  by T.Wignesan




Centre de Recherches sur les Etudes Asiatiques

                                        Association n° 0941011951     


   5, Boulevard Pablo Picasso, 94000 Créteil, France


   Web site:



Composed and printed by T.Wignesan

       in Paris, France


NB: Responsibility for opinions expressed in the individual articles and essays rests with the authors themselves. The editor-publisher disclaims all responsibility for any transgression of the laws in vigour.

The editor invites contributions to future numbers on any subject relating to Asian peoples or Asian countries. Articles should be based on original research undertaken under bona fide circumstances. Even fictional pieces, if relevant to the theme of Asia, may be considered for publication.  

All mss (a PC-compatible floppy 3 ½ inch disk on Word 6 or more and a hard copy)  must be sent to the publisher's address under registered cover. If unused, mss will not be returned, unless contributors specifically require the return of their mss by sending the requisite International Reply Coupons. 







“Introduction: a vessel of a more ungainly make”


       by T.Wignesan


“Good Governance Issues and the Musharraf Regime:

       An Analysis”


      by Dr. Sohail MAHMOOD

           Assist. Professor,

            Area Studies Centre on Africa, North & South America,

             Quaid-I-Azam University,



“The Malay Language in Malaysia and Indonesia:

      from lingua franca to national language”


         by Professor Emerita Asmah Haji Omar

              University of Malaya,

                Kuala Lumpur


“Muslim-Tamils in Tamil Nadu, Malaysia and Singapore:

   Historical Identity, Problems of Adjustment and Change

        in the Twentieth Century”


         by T.Ruthiran aka R.A.Shankar

              Flinders University of South Australia,



“Wake! Asia! Wake!”


          by T.Wignesan

               Ex-Research Fellow,

               Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique,

               Paris, France